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How Much Does Artificial Intelligence Cost in 2024?

How Much Does Artificial Intelligence Cost in 2024?
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    February 12, 2024 Last Updated: February 28, 2024


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AI and machine learning have been here for the past decade, but in the last two years, the hype around artificial intelligence development has grown too vividly. It can perform a variety of tasks, like generating human-like text, extracting information from large amounts of data, and much more. 

As per studies, almost 44% of companies are willing to invest in AI and incorporate it into the business. This suggests that AI is moving beyond the realm of early adopters and gaining traction in the mainstream business world.

AI Market Size

However, even the most simple AI-powered software of the system requires significant time and money to build. And not all businesses are familiar with the artificial intelligence cost. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the cost of building artificial intelligence in 2024 and explore what factors affect the final price. But first, let’s understand the types of AI.

So let’s begin!

What are the Types of AI Software ?

AI development solutions span a vast and exciting landscape, but to simplify it, we have categorized them below

6 Types of AI Software

1Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

These AI-powered chatbots simulate conversation like humans, providing information, completing tasks, and engaging in basic dialogue. They’re used in customer service, help desks, personal assistants, and even entertainment applications.

2Predictive Analytics

This AI software development utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and identify patterns. It can predict future events, trends, and outcomes, aiding in decision-making across various industries like finance, healthcare, and retail.

3Recommendation Systems

These algorithms analyze user data and behavior to recommend products, services, content, or even potential connections. They personalize user experiences, boost engagement, and drive sales, commonly used in e-commerce platforms like Zalando or Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence Development

4Autonomous Vehicles

This cutting-edge technology utilizes AI for self-driving cars, drones, and robots. Sensors, cameras, and complex algorithms enable these vehicles to navigate roads, perceive surroundings, and react to situations. Tesla is working on the same AI capabilities as humanoid robots with Optimus

5Fraud Detection

AI algorithms can analyze financial data and user behavior to identify suspicious patterns and prevent fraudulent activities. This plays a crucial role in financial institutions, online platforms, and even healthcare systems, protecting users and organizations from financial losses. Just to mention, Stripe strategically employs GPT-4 from Open AI to detect fraud. 

6Personalized Marketing

This AI software helps tailor marketing campaigns and content to individual preferences and needs. Personalized marketing allows for targeted advertising, relevant recommendations, and more effective customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates. 

How Much Does AI Development Cost in 2024? 

The artificial intelligence cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, making it difficult to give a single, definitive answer. However, we can break it down for you to have an idea. The cost can rise to $300,000 based on the project requirements and various factors like project type, development team size, and more. 

The following is a rough estimate for various AI projects:

App Type Estimated Cost Timeline
Simple Less than $40K 2 to 4 months
Intermediate $40K to $100K 4 to 6 months
Complex More than $200K 6+ Months

If you want to know how much artificial intelligence costs, it is best to reach out to a reliable  AI development company for a precise cost estimation. 

While you partner with a professional, it is important to discuss every detail of your project, so that you don’t have to deal with any additional cost from the development team side.

What are the Factors that Affect the AI Development Cost?

The cost of ai development solutions can vary significantly depending on several key factors. Below we have discussed some of the most important ones:

1Data Type

The choice of data is a crucial decision in AI mobile app development, as it is directly linked with the level of the app’s complexity. The type, quality, and quantity of data are crucial factors impacting AI training costs. 

For instance, training image recognition models requires significant processing power and resources, leading to higher costs. Text data is generally cheaper to handle, but large volumes or specialized processing still incur costs. 


The next is the complexity of the AI model which is an important factor. More complex projects require more training data and more processing power. A crisp and sophisticated model leads to better performance and an intuitive user experience. However, this impacts the overall development cost as AI developers need to invest their valuable time and effort to bring out desired results. 

3Industry Chosen

The requirements of different industries influence the development cost of artificial intelligence due to hardware and infrastructure. The features and functionality of each industry are tailored by analyzing the unique challenges they face daily.

The given below is the industry-based cost breakdown of AI: 

Industry Type Estimated Development Cost
Banking and Finance $60,000+
Healthcare $35,000+
Manufacturing $35,000+
Insurance $30,000+
Supply Chain $25,000+
Real Estate $20,000+

You must explore the AI development services offered by development agencies to have comprehensive knowledge before making an investment. 

4Implementing AI & ML Features

Advanced features such as image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics play an important role in AI development. Each of these features adds complexity and development time, impacting costs. 

A feature-rich app with advanced AI capabilities enhances the user experience but also puts an extra load on your investment. However, you can launch your AI software with basic functionality and can scale up based on user feedback. 

5Development Team’s Size

The AI development cost is heavily influenced by development factors like designing, setting up the backend infrastructure, adding features, and so on.  The size of the development team plays an important role as their wider range of skills and knowledge covers various aspects of AI development, potentially leading to better results.

If the project necessitates diverse expertise, a larger team with specialized skills might be necessary. Although, you can easily adjust the team size based on project demands, adding or removing members as needed.

6Maintenance & Updates

After deployment, regular maintenance and updates keep the platform relevant and functional.  The process also includes the implementation of new features, bug fixing, and working on user feedback. Incorporating feedback is crucial for ensuring the AI model remains valuable to its users. This can involve surveys, interviews, and A/B testing of different model versions.

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Use Cases of AI in Different Industries

Here are four popular AI use cases with real-life examples:

4 popular AI Use Cases

  • Cybersecurity 

AI is becoming a powerful weapon in the fight against cyber threats. It can detect and respond to attacks in real-time, learning and adapting as hackers evolve their tactics.

For instance, with the help of AI in finance Danske Bank incorporated a modern enterprise analytic solution. They reduced false positives by 60%, with an expectation to reach the 80% mark.  

  • Recruiting/hiring

Identifying candidates who perfectly match your job description based on skills, experience, and even cultural fit can be a time-consuming process. AI can help reduce the physical work involved in sorting through resumes. 

For example, Amazon uses AI in the hiring process to screen resumes and pass data along to recruiters to make contact with the final candidates. LinkedIn’s Talent Insights tool also uses AI to suggest qualified candidates. It’s like having a super-powered headhunter working 24/7 for your company.

  • Personalized Learning 

Another use case i.e. AI in education has revolutionized learning experiences by offering eLearning platforms for personalized study materials. 

A good example of this is Dreambox intelligent Learning Platform that uses AI to create personalized learning paths for each student. The platform assesses a student’s strengths and weaknesses and recommends activities and lessons that are just right for their current level.

  • AI in Healthcare

The rise of data in healthcare and complexity is concerning. However artificial intelligence in healthcare can transform many aspects of patient care and administrative processes. 

To cite an example, Babylon Health’s AI chatbot, accessed through a smartphone app, offers symptom analysis and treatment recommendations. It can even have virtual consultations with doctors, providing convenient care for minor ailments.

These examples reflect how AI is changing our world. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect more innovative AI development solutions in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence

Work with Blocktunix Without Breaking the Bank 

As we discussed above, AI has already begun to transform various industries. With a clear understanding of AI development costs, you can embark on the journey to create your own AI platform.

As AI advances, there is a rising demand for its applications. And at Blocktunix, we understand the importance of the cost of developing AI. Thus, we are committed to providing our clients with the most cost-effective solutions. 

Blocktunix is an exceptional tech partner for businesses seeking AI development services. Our AI developers have expertise in building a custom AI application based on your project requirements while also considering factors like maintenance & update costs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The development cost for artificial intelligence varies based on the UI/UX design, tech stack, and the location of the development team. A basic app can cost approximately $35,000, depending on your initial requirements. However, a complex feature-rich app can cost $300,000 or more.

The time required for AI to develop can range from 3-5 months for a simple project. However, a more complex project with advanced functionality can take 6-9 months to build. 

Artificial intelligence development benefits include:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Seamless interactions
  • Adaptive functionality
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Task automation
  • Better decision-making


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