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We are a tech-driven and data-first company offering a wide-range of generative AI consultation services.

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Why Go For Generative AI Consulting Services?

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings

    Efficiency and Cost Savings

    Enhance the efficiency of your business and save more on development and maintenance with top-notch generative AI consultation services.

  • Privacy-Preserving AI

    Privacy-Preserving AI

    We leverage AI that respects your and your customers’ privacy. Ensure maximum efficiency with zero data leaks

  • Competitive Advantage

    Competitive Advantage

    Gain an edge among your competitors by leveraging the power of generative artificial intelligence integrated directly into your business ecosystem

  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Our professionals scrutinize your business segment and objectives to come up with tailored solutions that increase your operational efficiency.

  • Security


    Ensure maximum security for your systems and make them safe against intruders, hackers, data theft, and cyber attacks.

Generative AI Consulting Services We Offer

Generative AI Offer
  • Generative AI Uses for Exploration and Viability Assessment of Applications

    We help you to identify potential applications of generative AI in your business ecosystem. To check the viability and impact of implementing generative AI solutions, we conduct feasibility studies to help you take better business decisions.

  • Evaluation and Selection of Generative AI Technologies

    Blocktunix carry out detailed assessment of various generative AI technologies to analyze their compatibility with your business requirements. Our professionals ensure the best selection and hassle-free deployment.

  • Implementation and Integration

    Our professionals work in line with your team to ensure smooth deployment of generative AI apps with your existing systems and software. We minimize errors and maximize operational efficiency.

  • Data Analytics and Modeling

    We help you to detect hidden patterns and correlations in your business data using the latest and powerful generative AI tools and techniques. Our professionals use complex algorithms and mathematical frameworks to use analyzed data to create relevant models.

  • Compliance and Security Advisory Services

    Our professionals develop generative AI solutions that completely follow global data security regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. We ensure maximum data integrity and minimum risks and data failure.

  • Training and Support

    Our detailed training and support programs will equip your teams with the necessary skills and expertise required to deploy, manage, and operate our developed generative AI solutions at maximum efficiency.

Revolutionize Your Decision-Making by Leveraging the Power of Generative AI

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AI Models We Use to Build Powerful Generative AI Solutions

Our expertise in a variety of AI technologies, including deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing can help you make a mark in theglobal business community.

  • GPT-4


    A collection of OpenAI models with strong general knowledge and sophisticated reasoning abilities that can accurately handle challenging issues without facing any delay or lag.

  • LLaMA


    A large language model called LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) was created to produce text, have conversations, summarize written content, resolve mathematical equations, and predict protein structures.

  • GPT-3


    A group of OpenAI models that are capable of carrying out tasks related to natural language processing, including question-answering, translation, summarizing, and text production.

  • PaLM2


    The most recent Google comprehensive language model excels in complex reasoning tasks like code interpretation, mathematical solutions, categorization, query responses, and translation while being fluent in several languages.

  • Claude


    Anthropic's Claude is a large language model (LLM) that was trained as a virtual assistant to be integrated into business workflows. The good thing about Claude is that it can easily perform conversational and text-processing tasks.

  • Whisper


    Whisper is an OpenAI model for general-purpose speech recognition that is capable of performing speech translation, language identification, and multilingual speech recognition.

  • GPT 3.5

    GPT 3.5

    GPT 3.5 is a group of OpenAI models that can be said to be an enhanced version of GPT-3 and can produce text or code, such as the powerful and reasonably priced GPT-3.5-turbo.

  • DALL.E


    Based on text instructions, OpenAI's DALL.E produces realistic visuals and artwork. It has the ability to create photos of a specific size, alter already existing images, and create several versions of user-provided images.

  • Embeddings


    OpenAI's embeddings are used to numerically represent the semantic meaning and connections between language components like words and phrases.

  • Moderation


    Machine learning OpenAI models called "moderation models" are intended to help with content moderation tasks including locating and eliminating offensive or damaging information from online platforms.

  • Bard


    Google's Bard, a text-to-text generative AI chatbot powered by LaMDA, can have conversations with people as it can produce human-like responses to natural language queries.

  • Stable Diffusion

    Stable Diffusion

    Stable diffusion proves to be a boon for applications like inpainting, outpainting, and text-guided image-to-image translations, Additionally, it creates precise pictures from text instructions.

We Flaunt a Wide-Ranging Experience in Generative AI

 Generative AI Consult Experience

We use generative AI techniques to produce quality data for model training. Our data engineering experts handle big and complex datasets efficiently to build training datasets for building full-scale generative AI models.

Our professionals flaunt a multi-varied experience in deep learning and natural language processing to help you create innovative GAI solutions. Win any business domain with excellent results.

We leverage our extensive knowledge in deep learning architectures, computer vision, and image processing algorithms to create resilient generative AI solutions that perform exceptionally well in many tasks, including image recognition and object detection.

Bring our expertise in reinforcement learning algorithms to create intelligent AI-powered systems that can learn on their own and make better decisions with continuous user and environment interactions.

Our Generative AI Solutions Serve a Diverse Range of Industries

  • Healthcare


    We use a GANs-based system to transform X-rays and CT scans into more realistic images so that radiologists and doctors can better understand their patient's conditions and make more informed decisions. This will result in a more effective use of resources and cost savings for both patients and healthcare providers.

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking & Finance

    In order to train a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to generate fake fraudulent transactions, we create a training set of fraudulent transactions. This will enable us to effortlessly and precisely identify unusual and fraudulent transactions in real time.

  • Travel


    We can create a full-facial image of a passenger from diverse angles using cutting-edge generative AI technology. This will make it easier for airport face identification and verification systems to identify and verify travelers at a rapid pace without any error.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Using cutting-edge generative AI technology, we create extremely detailed maps from satellite photos of logistical processes, exposing previously undiscovered sites and giving useful data for a variety of applications. This will not only increase productivity but also reduce time and money spent.

  • Advertising & Marketing

    Advertising & Marketing

    Our Generative AI Development solutions can help marketing and advertising companies increase targeting and campaign optimization. It can further assist in increasing productivity, accuracy, and ROI while our Generative AI Software helps forecast customer behavior and recommend targeted marketing messages.

  • Retail


    As a reputed Generative AI Development Company, we can help retailers by customizing their marketing campaigns and enhancing customer service. Our Generative AI Solutions can optimize supply chain management and inventory control, while our Generative AI Software can forecast specific client interests and provide customized offers.

Our AI Development Technology Stack

  • PyTorch


    Python is the go-to language for AI development due to its simplicity and extensive libraries

  • Caffe2


    Java is utilized in AI development primarily for its robustness, scalability, and platform independence, making it suitable

  • Microsoft


    Anaconda serves as a popular Python distribution in AI development, offering a comprehensive ecosystem of packages & tools

  • Core ML

    Core ML

    Jupyter is a versatile interactive notebook platform widely employed in AI development for its ability to create and share documents

  • TensorFlow


    Hadoop plays a crucial role in AI development by providing a distributed and scalable framework for processing large volumes of data, enabling data scientists

  • Openn


    Docker is instrumental in AI development for its containerization capabilities, allowing developers to package AI applications

  • Neuroph


    Kubernetes is a vital tool in AI development for orchestrating and managing containerized AI workloads

  • Kurento


    Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform used in AI development for its rich suite of AI and machine learning services, offering tools like Azure Machine Learning

Steps involved in AI Generative Consulting

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Detailed Data Analysis and Choosingthe Generative AI Model

By thoroughly understanding your business, we help you pick the best set of generative AI technologies to increase the efficiency of your business operations. Our professionals start with analyzing your existing data, infrastructure, and software systems. Based on our findings, we suggest you deploy the right generative AI model, such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) or RNNs (Recurrent Neural Networks).

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Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Your Project

We start small with developing an MVP for your business idea that helps you to try different generative AI models.Our professionals experiment with the data model to build a project that is custom-fit for your business needs. We test generative AI models for anomaly detection, creating content, and more.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) Deployment

Upon successful approval, our professionals start developing a complete solution from the minimum viable product. e prioritize attention to detail to ensure a complete and successful deployment so that you can achieve your business goals while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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Continuous Monitoring and Performance Evaluation

As soon as the deployment is complete, we put monitoring mechanisms in place to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal performance. e actively detect issues early and take necessary actions to prevent any roadblocks. Our professionals continuously monitor the output of the system, analyze key metrics, and make required tweaks to ensure optimum execution.

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Leverage the Power of Generative AI and Build Your Business Better

Successful Projects We've Delivered

White Label Real Estate Tokenization
White Label Real Estate Tokenization

- White Label Real Estate Tokenization

Our realestate tokenization platform is the place where user an invest in the properties all around the globe sitting at his home and can get the profit share of that property

  • Downloads3000+

  • Region

Available on:

  • White Label

Stable Coin
Stable Coin

- Stable Coin

Introducing TUT COIN(STABLE COIN), your gateway to seamless and secure stablecoin trading. Our platform is designed with simplicity, security,

  • Downloads1500+

  • Region

Available on:


- Marketplace

Our NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded and in some cases minted (created).

  • Downloads8000+

  • Region

Available on:

  • White Label

Crypto Currency
Crypto Currency

- Crypto Currency

A Nigeria-based cryptocurrency trading application that enables users to trade cryptocurrency by adding cash or cryptocurrencies with the option to withdraw, deposit, sell or buy.

  • Downloads5000+

  • Region

Available on:

KYC Authentication
KYC Authentication

- KYC Authentication

APZ-Sign is the ultimate KYC provider for customer identification & contract conclusion in sectors like banks, Fintechs, and more.

  • Downloads3000+

  • Region

Available on:

Coming Soon
IOT app
IOT app

- IOT app

Introducing, Beacon box, a 24/7 personal emergency intervention system that creates a comprehensive in-home safety ecosystem using connected health wearables and patented Beacon Boxx technology.

  • Downloads4000+

  • Region

Available on:

Coming Soon
Gaming App
Gaming App

- Gaming App

Relief play is a State of the art competitive type Endless runner game with base building feature.This game is made on blockchain platform.

  • Downloads5000+

  • Region

Available on:

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Frank E. Whitfield
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Lala C. Wallace

Blocktunix has shown a very impressive approach to my project and the details and specifications of the same. From choosing the right blockchain platform to helping me understand the POC, they helped me in and out of the entire development process. I highly appreciate their efforts and work, thank you!

Lala C. Wallace

Frank E. Whitfield

I have worked with more than 20+ companies and Blocktunix indeed stands out from all of those. Their responsive and understanding nature is the main reason why I got persuaded by them, while their expertise was the cherry on the cake. I was very particular with my specifications and details and they worked on all of those with much accuracy and efficiency. One can count on them for any niche of blockchain app development.

Frank E. Whitfield

David D. Stewart

A big thanks to the team of Blocktunix for being so supportive and delivering me a one-of-a-kind application. Their knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology wooed me! And choosing them was one of my decisions, the best part of the company was their extended support even after the completion of my project. They are indeed blockchain experts, and highly satisfied!

David D. Stewart

Roger S. Woods

I highly appreciate the efforts of the team. I had multiple queries and questions, and the team was more than patient and understanding throughout the entire process. Even though I wanted to make new implementations and changes in the project the team was highly supportive. They understand blockchain technology right from the roots and their development process is exactly what I wanted.

Roger S. Woods

Pam W. Strand

When I decided to get an app developed, I had a very vague vision, but the team of Blocktunix conducted personalized meetings and gave me a clear understanding of how my project will be completed. To my surprise, they delivered me better than they explained, the tech stack and UX/UI designs were flawless. I would recommend this firm to every entrepreneur who is perplexed with their vision.

Pam W. Strand

Harry P. Blackwell

My journey with Blocktunix has been amazing. From the design, and development to the delivery of my project, the company kept me in the loop and I experienced the entire process. Everything was pretty transparent and the implementation of Web 3.0 technology was so smooth that surpassed my expectations. I am highly content with my decision of partnering with Blocktunix.

Harry P. Blackwell

Shawn B. Stiffler

I was highly impressed with the services provided by Blocktunix, the team was very helpful and fostered my trust with their impressive approach. I received my project exactly how I explained my vision and their dedicated support was the best part of collaborating with them. All my doubts and queries were answered whenever asked and the needful solutions were also provided effectively.

Shawn B. Stiffler


Small Bites To Help You Understand The Concept Better

Generative AI has the ability to generate extensive data and simulate business scenarios. Therefore, it can revolutionize consulting and strategic decision-making. Generative AI can completely transform everything from client onboarding to performance tracking.

A generative AI company is an organization that leverages the power of generative artificial intelligence to generate fresh and realistic content that varies from text and audio to images and videos using a set of training data.

Autodesk’s Generative Design, ChatGPT, DALL-E, and GitHub Copilot are some examples of generative artificial intelligence. These tools help to generate content that includes code, text, images, 3D renderings, audio, and video. These tools generate content based on user prompts.

There are a multitude of generative AI tools available and more joining the fray every now and then. Some of the leading tools currently in use for providing consultation services include DALL-E 2, ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, Jasper, Notion, Speechify, VEED, and Wordtune.

Generative AI tools are basically applications powered by ML models and algorithms that are capable of generating content based on user prompts. The generated content varies from text and images to code and 3D renderings.